This page is a work in progress and may be changed/updated without notice.

If you move without notice, you will be dropped from the hunt. Also without notice.

==If you do move, a notecard is included in the welcome kit and also the final kit. If you have lost it, please send the following to Spooky Mistwallow or Lynn Pooley, whomever is listed as the lead organizer for your hunt.

Name the card: HUNT NAME – Store #000 Moved! (store name)

Store name:


New LM:

New SLurl:

Return to Spooky Mistwallow


-We do not allow visible decoys. You can have as many invisible decoys as you want. A sample of the item on the sign, NOT set for sale, is perfectly fine.

-No item having the same name as the hunt item is allowed in your store set for sale. Any item renamed to thwart area search must not be buyable.

-Hiding the item and telling us where it is is not acceptable. All walkthru items must be placed on your hunt sign or very near it. (On top of the sign, on the wall 2 inches from it, on the ground directly underneath it…) A hovertext script is included in the final kit to keep your shoppers from buying the test item. Please use it.

-Your hunt sign must be displayed upon receipt. If, for some reason you need to wait (ie: Very limited prims) you must send a NOTECARD to the lead organizer explaining this or you risk being dropped from the hunt.

-Group join is mandatory. You or the person you specified must join the group or you risk being dropped from the hunt.

-Hints are mandatory. Even if you return the card saying “No hint given” or “No hint needed”